Justin W. Arndt

Voiceover Work

Can you get excited and deliver voiceover work at 4:45am? I can. I did.

This was the daily routine at Bridger Bowl Ski Area. Nearly the first one every day I examined the conditions, compiled instrument readings, spoke to the overnight snow personel and delivered my first live report at 5:30am. Each day I called six radio outlets and produced the daily audio podcast.

My voice also appeared in numerous website videos promoting the ski area which you can view to the right.

During my work at KBZM, The Eagle I completed many voiceover projects including promos and commercials.

I currently produce and present a weekly music podcast called The Justin Wayne Show, keeping my vocal chords tuned, warm, and ready for the next project.

My current job keeps me close to London, England and allows me access to professional production facilities. I can usually turn things around in 48 hours or faster if needed. I run competitive pricing and I can work with your budget. Send me an email and let us see what we can create together.


Radio Promotion - "The Classics"

Radio Advert - "H&R Block"

Radio Promotion - "Eagle Weekly Calendar"

Voiceover Reel


Week in Rewind


Avalanche Control